Several Ways To Reset The Windows 7 Password

You might have this question of how to recover your Windows password. To be honest it is very simple! Many computers may require to, at certain times, make use of this option. It is located in Windows. Windows is the commonly used operating system, and it has a Windows Password Reset feature embedded in it.

Computers are set up with a password to shield them from hackers. As the security is a must in the computer, the password is one way of securing your data and files that are stored in the computer. The Windows password, is a code that if entered correctly in to the system, unlocks the windows account. You have to remember the password all the time, when you want to log in and this could be a difficult task.

Many of us therefore write somewhere on a piece of paper or store it on some type of storage media, for using it if we can't remember the system's password. It is an effective way but might not help all the time. Just think, what if you have misplaced the paper or lost the paper on which you have kept your computer's password? You may have to face the consequences of not getting access to the computer.

It is because of this that you are in need of another way to unlock the password and get access to your Windows account. Here are a few ways for "Windows Password Reset":

1. Make use of the in-built Windows Password Reset feature that is available in the Windows operating system.

2. Download Windows password reset software from the internet.

The following steps need to be followed to use the password reset option that comes with Windows:

1. Turn on your computer system.

2. Click on "Start" - "Control Panel"- "User Accounts" and Click on "Administrator Account".

3. Enter name of the Administrator Account, enter anything random and click on the "OK" button. This will give you a prompt message, "Password Wrong or Incorrect Password".

4. Next, you click on the "Reset" button. The Windows Password Reset pop-up window will appear.

5. Click on the "Next" button.

6. Enter your new password and confirm it; enter the password hint for you to easily remember the password.

7. Click on "Next" - "Finish". Now, you may restart your computer and log in by entering in your new log in information.

A different method to use Windows Password Reset is by using password reset software, which we have reviewed on our website and can be installed easily into any Windows operated system by following a simple step by step procedure. The only difference between the above method and this method is that, previous method takes some time whereas with the software, your work becomes easy and fast.

The Windows Password Reset software not only resets the password completely by removing the old password but it also generates new set of passwords that you can use for the computer system.

If your computer is having a password problem then you can easily reset it using the Windows Password Reset software. It will save you time and not put your files at risk. You won't have to visit the computer shop that repairs computer software and get your work done. You simply do it yourself without any hassle.

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