Chaga Mushroom: Its Nutritional Contents and Benefits

There are way more than a hundred species of mushroom that are being utilized for medical purposes, but nothing seems to make an effect as much as the Chaga Mushroom. The power of this mushroom in herbal medication is clear in the way one or two states named it.

In Norway its called 'Cancer Polypore'; in Siberia, it's considered a 'Gift from God'; in Japan, it is named "Diamond of the Forest'; and in China, it is referred to as the 'King of Plants'. Little wonder it's called by those names for the nutriments it contains can be truly galvanizing.

It is generally found in the birch, alders, and beech trees of Russia, Korea, North areas of the United States, Canada, and in 1 or 2 Northern European countries. However , the ones found in birch are the sole type that is used for medicine. This fungus looks like a burnt charcoal and has a coffee-like flavor to it. However , it is not the body but just the mycelium that looks black, generally due to the presence of melanin. Since it grows on a living tree, it'll take roughly 15-20 years before it reaches maturity.

That's the time it's easy to get all of the advantageous nutriments that it has. Although the mycelium does contain some of the nutrient elements, it's the sclerotium or body that is richer and more successful. Some of the nutriments you can get from this extraordinary mushroom include the following:

- Large quantities of vitamin B, flavonoids, enzymes, phenols and minerals can be found in the fungus, making it a nutritive powerhouse.
- It is a reliable source of pantothenic acid, a soluble vitamin that helps counter fatigue, muscle cramps and irritability.
- It is loaded in calcium, magnesium, zinc and potassium.
- This mushroom contains phenolic compounds that protect skin tissues. The melanin pigment that helps regain skin color and radiance is also present.
- It has SOD or superoxide dismutase, an important enzyme that protects the body from free radical compounds and slows down the process of ageing.
- It is made up of various compounds that are shown to be good antioxidants.
- It is rich in betulin and betulinic acid, chemicals typically found in birch trees that may be a good chemotherapeutic agent.
- This fungus has immune-boosting and blood-cleansing phytochemicals to help defend the body from different illnesses.
- It also produces natural vanillin.

The mushroom can be ingested orally, with 40-60 drops, for twice or thrice a day. It could also be made into tea. Just dissolve one small spoon of dried Chaga Mushroom in a cup of hot water each day.

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Chaga Mushroom: Its Nutritional Contents and Benefits

There are way more than a hundred species of mushroom that are being utilized for medical purposes, but nothing seems to make an effect as much as the Chaga Mushroom. The power of this mushroom in herbal medication is clear in the way one or two...

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