What exactly is vertical-axis wind turbine


The vertical axis wind turbines (VAWTs) happen to be in use for a lot more than 1300 years. It was traditionally made use of to pump water and grind grains. It can be one of the varieties of wind turbine, the other becoming the horizontal axis wind turbines (HAWTs). These VAWTs are cost-effective, reputable and sensible approach of power generation.

Why is it referred to as as Vertical Axis Wind Turbine?

This name was given to it, as it has a vertically set main rotor shaft. The base of the wind turbine is where the main components are present. In this turbine, the gearboxes and generators can be located close to the ground making it easier to repair and do service to these components. These turbines need not be pointed towards the wind.

Main advantages of vertical axis wind turbines

Omni-directional - This turbine can create energy even when it is not positioned towards the wind's direction. They also have very much less moving parts producing it cost-effective and more trustworthy.

Substantial amount of torque production - This is possible because of the larger surface area of the blades.

Slow speed spinning - Spinning at lower speed offers the advantage of the turbines to function efficiently even in higher wind speed, which reduces the vibrations and noise making it safer for birds.

Other Advantages

More number of turbines can be set up in any given space of wind farms as they can be crammed closer together when compared to the horizontal axis wind turbines that require more spacing (ten times their width).

Wind farms set up with VAWTs can produce power output ten times more than the horizontal axis wind turbines used in the wind farm of the same size.

Disadvantages of vertical axis wind turbines

The VAWTs have low dynamic stability and starting torque problems and also will easily stop when the wind blows very hard

These turbines are really sensitive to situations associated with off-design. They're able to be operated only in environments with lower wind speed, as they have to be installed at lower heights.

The central axis is where the blade spins around and hence can simply grow to be weak, which causes the blades to crack, flex and break leading to terrible failure. As a result of this drawback, this turbine is considered less trusted than the HAWTs (Horizontal axis wind turbines).

Other disadvantage

For the duration of the early period the design of this turbine had the pulsatory torque, which was produced in the course of the blade's substantial bending moments and each and every revolution, but this was deemed a significant drawback. Later this challenge was solved by using a new style that had the helical twist of blades.

Vertical axis wind turbine - Types

Lift-based VAWT - Operates at higher tipspeed ratios for example, Cycloturbines and Darrieus rotors

Drag-type VAWT - Operates at a somewhat lower tipspeed ratios for instance, Savonius rotors

Recently a different type of VAWT has been developed. This is a unique mix of both the Savonius and Darrieus VAWTs. This has been developed in order to improve the performance at a lower r.p.m and lower wind speed. Silent turbine is the output of higher wind speeds and is suitable for residential purposes.

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